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Canada in Space
The People & Stories behind Canada's Role in the Explorations of Space
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Canadians have always had a pioneering spirit. We've explored our country and our planet, and now we're exploring space. Read more about Canada's amazing contributions to space research and discovery:

The development of the Canadarm and Canadarm2, essential tools for the space shuttle program
The Alouette I ionospheric research satellite, the first satellite ever built outside of the US and USSR to make it into orbit
James Chamberlin and Owen Maynard, who went from the collapse of Avro to engineering key components for NASA's Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and shuttle programs
The birth of Canada's commercial satellite industry with the Canadian launch of the world's first communications satellite
Robotic technology developed in Canada that helped the shuttle program return to flight in 2005
Dr. Gerry Bull, the Canadian defence scientist who spearheaded the High Altitude Research Project which studied the use of cannons to launch satellites in the 1960s
Ionospheric research by Canadian scientists to help improve radio communications in the far north
Julie Payette and Chris Hadfield's part in the construction and research work on the International Space Station
Marc Garneau, the head of Canada's space program, who is setting his sights on Canadian technology and a mission to Mars.

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